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International Candlepin Youth Bowling Association
Kid Candlepin Rules!

Welcome to the official website of the International Candlepin Youth Bowling Association!

The Rock N' Bowl will still be taking place on Feb. 22 at 9:00am. Feel free to bring things to donate for the gift table! See you in the morning!

   ICYBA General Information
Background and Mission Statement Below
     In addition to league bowling, ALL league bowlers are eligible to participate in the annual Massachusetts State Tournament held in May, which is hosted by Pilgrim Lanes. Also, bowlers may pay $2.00/week dues to be an ICYBA member, this allows you to raise money and gives you the opportunity to fundraise to go on the annual trip to Nova Scotia, Canada to participate in the International competition. ICYBA members may also bowl in the Youth Candlepin Championship at Bowl-O-Rama in Portsmouth, NH held in November.
     The ICYBA is proud to have a staff of the finest bowlers, coaches, mentors and teachers anywhere. Be sure to thank them for volunteering their time to help your kids! They do it because they love it, but a word of thanks also goes a long way. We are here for you all, we want to help and get to know everyone. For any of the new people, you will soon find out how much we all do for the kids! Please thank them, thanks are the only payment we receive and it's more rewarding than any sum of money.
     So get ready for a great time with lots of fun and learning this year! And as always, KID CANDLEPIN RULES!!!


     The International Candlepin Youth Bowling Association (ICYBA) is a non-profit youth bowling organization based in Haverhill, MA. It was founded to help institute youths in the candlepin bowling industry, and make more possibilities available to these young bowlers. The ICYBA originated at Pilgrim Lanes in Haverhill, and was founded by Toni-Marie Baldinelli in 1991.

     The organization helps provide opportunities for competition for youth bowlers such as: state tournaments, scholarship tournaments and international competitions. Since Toni-Marie stepped down from the program, it has been taken over by a board of directors including Marianne Kelly, Pam Emery, Scot Dunkley and Beth Richards. In addition to running the ICYBA, these VOLUNTEERS as well as many others donate countless hours coaching the youth bowlers on Saturday mornings at Pilgrim Lanes in Haverhill, MA. Although these wonderful people do all of the behind the scenes work including financial organization, membership, tournament entries, travel and expenses, they are backed by a large coaching staff which grows each year.

Mission Statement

     The International Candlepin Youth Bowling Association is committed to the involvement of kids in the sport of candlepin bowling. We, the board of directors and coaches seek to expand youth participation in candlepin bowling and provide opportunities for young bowlers to compete, such as state tournaments, scholarship tournaments and international competitions. In addition, the ICYBA helps the kids by providing many fundraising opportunities to raise money that will allow them to travel and compete internationally. Most importantly, we are dedicated to improving our youths' skills, sportsmanship and overall attitude. The main goal of the ICYBA is to help spread candlepin bowling to the young generation, as they are the future of the game.

This site is dedicated to the life of our good friend, Linda deBoer

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